Saturday, March 29, 2014

Have you ever thought ... how perfect you are?

Have you thought about the precision and coordination with working every organ and cell in your body so that you can open your eyes every day life, so you can perform many activities without stopping for more than 10 hours? 

Have not you thought about it?
You are perfect.
Why then not be perfect around you? 
Why your life works so well without you control your breathing, your neurological impulses, your rapid healing before any cuts, each of the movements and actions of your body? 

Everything works fine for there fix your attention.  
There let it flow, let it be. 
Do not put obstacles and interference. 

Also happens to your life if you let it be, if you loose life processes you create concerns, depression, anxiety, anger (those events that call problems and that there are nothing but teachings) you'll see how things really are solution, see how you can find a quick exit. 
Just because you make it the focus of your life. 
Start by thinking that in your life there are no problems but situations to resolve, which address new learning. 
If you see so and stop calling problem, you've won 50 % of the work.


 Ian :

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Shirt: OVH - Scott T-Shirt - White NEW!

Pants: not so bad . mesh . JAMES pants . red

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Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Male - Relax