Saturday, March 15, 2014

All we need of a hug ever

"There is no one in the world that at a given point in time do not need a hug. We have all felt this need, give it doesn't cost anything and the one who receives it feels full of happiness by such a beautiful gesture."

Today I woke up a lot of energy and a desire to embrace the world, can't wait to leave the problems behind ... Yes, it is back in the past where it should be everything that makes us harm, what makes us spend the nights in full insomnia… I have to hasten my step and live this life that touched me the most beautiful manner possible, with optimism and love in my heart. Today I would like that hugs, the joy and love in all its facets gets done this in our lives.

I would like give you a hug and cheer you up with this.

I have the feeling that something good will come soon to my life, and that makes me smile… fills me with happiness. It is enough just a good reason to know that all is well, that the life of new leaves me in the face that smile of happiness that always should be, but that so many times because of the stress of this world so insecure i just deleting the smile

I have to have new purposes, new targets to meet, have something to leap into the future now that he is uncertain… in the meantime, I will live this today as a gift from God, in letting me wake up in the heat of a new day.

Ful be and keep me happy, because nothing and no one can wipe the smile from my face. I have the full security and constant having renewed as a person… to be someone that has learned that everything will work out well for those who are looking for reasons to have faith and joy.

For all these things, I would like give you a hug and share my happiness with you, what you will receive my hug? Can you smile a little for me? All we need of a hug ever, I want one, you'll give me, please?     


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