Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The experience of life

 Takes what life has to offer to get high, go far to get to where you were so inclined only understands this, nobody walks the life without ever having depressed in false many times. 

No one reaches the goal with a single attempt, or perfects the life with a single correction, nor reaches height with a single flight. 

Nobody looks at the life without flinching on many occasions, or gets into the boat without fearing the storm, or arrives at the port without rowing many times.

No one comes to the other shore without having been making bridges to pass. 

No one can judge without first knowing their own weakness. 

No one feels the love without testing their tears, pick up or feel their roses without thorns. 

No one picks up crops without test many flavors, bury many seeds and pay much land. 

Nobody recognizes the opportunity until it passes by your side and let her go.

Nobody gets their ideal without having thought many times that it was pursuing a impossible. 

Nobody does works without hammering on your building, or cultivated friendship without renounce himself, nor does it feel to man without God. 

No one finds an Oasis until walking through the desert thirst. 

No one stops arriving, when you have the clarity of a goal, the growth of their will, the abundance of life, the power to be done and the momentum to continue. 

No one stops arriving when in truth it is proposed. If you get everything that has and nuisance you! ..You are going to get! 

On Ian

Shirt: ::GB::MESH short-sleeved shirt (Black)

Short whit Belt: <kal rau> Cargo Shorts M2_Brown  NEW!!

Hair: *ARGRACE* ARATA - Blacks


Glasses: *  S O R G O - TEFLON Shades / BLACK  TMD!