Monday, November 18, 2013

Look with the eyes of the heart

How different would our world if we look with the eyes of the  heart!

Were we to do so  , we probably wouldn't notice of the things that happen around us and  do not normally see , perhaps our resentment of the past would be smoothed by our way of being, and everything we'd see from another perspective, with much more goodness, even for those who did us so much harm. Just remember that everything has a reason to be, a because.
If we look with the eyes of the  heart perhaps even we would be fine with that person who said that i loved and that we fault, or we would be better in our relationship with our  families. 

Maybe even we would be willing to grant second chances!

Many times we are on the street believe view, but don't really see anything , only what is against us. We walked without realize no one, except that we stumble toward a person. Don't always like  to look at and observe people , unless it is to take a peek to see what they are wearing. This is looking with the eyes, because when your eyes alight on  the child that beggar or the elderly who cannot cross  the street alone , and i aid, are looking at with the heart .

If we mentioned a few minutes in the bustle of our daily life, perhaps until we would be more happy, memories, not us both dolerian and grudges  we apocarian because our inner light would be much brighter than the dark resentment, that that should be far from our life, that does not make us  nothing well and pollutes the wonderful world that we have before our eyes .

When you think about  our suffering and in what it takes get out of a disappointment, we're always thinking about ourselves. We immerse ourselves in our own sorrows and griefs that we believe that no one suffers more than we do.

And this is not the case , there are people who have nothing,  men who  were leaving spin to a woman with their children and vice versa. They are also those people who do not know what  is the rest, who do not know be sick because that is a luxury that cannot be allowed  and that still gives thanks for the little and nothing to have.

People who know how to pet their children with love and dedication, you may not dress in the latest fashion  and don't even know what it is to live in hot bed when the cold hits the body.

Is Also the child who begs a currency, and when you give him back a smile, is that you look with your heart; did not see what you wore, only saw your kindness and generosity . At the same time, your you felt very well. That is to look at with eyes real, simple things of the world  are those that will bring more joy to your life. 
It is never too late to learn how to go back and start again, if it is with your partner it is never too late to do things differently than  we did up to now, give that second chance; nor is it too late to understand that we can still look in the mirror  and smile by wake up healthy and happy; not to look at defects in people who have many, if not the virtues; it is not too late to realize that everything we can overcome, that no matter how large it is the sadness of our heart, we are fully able to reverse the situations that are adverse.
When one loves  looking  with the eyes of the  Heart

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