Wednesday, January 22, 2014


How many times we believe owners of the truth sitting on a pedestal of where no one we can descend without listen to reason, with our ego and our false pride insurance of ourselves, without an iota of humility passively perfect, powerful, demigods living in our own kingdom where God has no place and no place, looking at the sin outside without reviewing our conscience unable to forgive ....
To those who point the finger at those who fell into disgrace, the one who is a scandal, the one who today is dragged through the mire to whom all have turned their backs on him in whom all as the fallen tree will make firewood.
But did you know that your luck a day you can change what you can as well as thou wentest up lower? ,and you'll be in the same place of the one who disdain of whoever smashing your view for not getting dirty of who you talk to sneak your bad reputation.
We could thus be us if ever cometiesemos more than a mistake if we succumb to the evil as well we will have to crucify us to a side in the most terrible loneliness.
Why don't escandalices of this poor sinner that at the end we are all equal in the eyes of God. 
Tomorrow you may drop your, today I fainted because who has not succumbed to a temptation? Who more than once not encountered?. 
Tell Me Who?. We are not judges, nor executioners that on our lips and our eyes always sticking out the mercy and forgiveness for that brother, the friend or foe for that neighbor that found the wretchedness that in our hearts only alive, only triumph of love.


Jumper: B&C by Legal Insanity - nina jumper tortora NEW!

Hair: Exile::Erase and Rewind Dark Browns

Shoes: [Co57] Jhene Platform Bootie Crystal Clear

Necklace: .Pekka. Ribbon heart collar - cocoa

Leg Band: *MUKA* Garter Love The Azz Show

Legs tattoo: elska - X's & O's [The Rack] The Azz Show

Bracelet Right: [EY:NO] Anchor Bracelet (silver)

Bracelet Left: [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets  (silver)

Ears: [MANDALA] Steking Ears

Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Gesture

Feets: Slink Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged