Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Begin again

Everything that happens belongs to the same vibration. Nothing is by chance, everything has its cause. Each dawn brings its sunset, every smile his tear and each birth its heading toward the beyond.
Suffering becomes, the more she suffered is eternal. Education endures,if stays fresh. 
When more naked this our inner, higher wisdom we can achieve. 
Nothing serves to win the entire universe if you do not know who we are. 
We doze between books on philosophy, psychology, religion, politics and medicine, and we forget to live. 
Often I have tried in vain, unreal and dreamer,by stand to talk to a patient with an eagle, with a flower, or feel the presence of God invading my be. 
Not to give a meaning to every moment of our existence, we will reach the end of our day, in this space-time, without knowing that we came to live. 
Your that i read you can decide, now, to be authentic, don't expect the death to choose life. You have inner strength enough to be yourself, it had already begun
In the depths of our being, there are millions of scenery without exploring, waiting to be tours of our inner eye. 
No one will live our life for us, therefore, yourself you should direct it with authenticity. 
The wisdom of a guide, only serves to demonstrate a possibility to opt for a path.
No matter whether my truth differs from yours, if both help us to be ourselves and to suggest in wholeness as human beings in search of the absolute truth. 
Just listen who you want to hear. Only in the profound simplicity, we will find the beauty of the resort. What is truly important impervious to these senses. Only love allows the mature evolution integral.


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