Monday, January 6, 2014

If i go before you

 If i go before you, do not weep for my absence; rejoice because of everything that we have loved together. Don't look for me between the dead, where we were never; find me in all those things that they would not have existed if you and i we had not known.
I will be at your side, without a doubt, in everything that we have created together in sweat shared both the work and pleasure, and the tears that we exchanged.
And in all those who went to our side and that, inevitably, received something from us, and have this built-in -without them nor us noticing - something about you and something of me.
Also our failures, our indolence and our sins will be permanent witnesses that we were alive and we were not angels, but human.
Do not bind yourself to the memories or to objects, because wherever you look that we have state, with whoever you're talking that we knew, beyond there will be something that is my own. What would be different, but they are certainly different, if we had not accepted live together our love; the world will be already always peppered with us.   
Do not weep my absence, because only you will be missing my new word, and my heat of that moment. Cries, if you want to, because the body is full of tears before everything that is greater than he, who is not able to understand, but that you understand how something grandiose, because when the language is not capable of expressing an emotion, can only speak for the eyes.
AND lives. Lives being created each day, and more than before. Because I don't know how, but I am sure of that, i also i'll be creating next to it, and it will be precisely in that act of bringing something that was not, where we will be found. Without understand it very well, but as well, such as grains of wheat do not understand that their dead companion in the field has given life to many new colleagues.
As well, with that hope, you'll continue leaving your mark, so that when your death us again to give the same voice, when our next hug we incorporate already without breaking to the only creation, many of us can say: if we do not have loved, the world would be more sad.

On Ian:

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