Monday, January 20, 2014

Love is only delivered freely

When we love we wish that the person whom we love is always at our side and we never leave. We withheld to our side.
Sometimes, that wish to retain the person we love goes too far and we act on possessively), as if the love might imply slavery. We can catch a love, but love is only true when it is given freely.
Love is freedom, love of truth is to dare to spend time in solitude trusting that who is going, you will be returned to our side.
Not spoil the love encadenandoles to our being, we leave space to breathe, let that can think for themselves and get to be surprised. Not asfixiemos to our couple: if it is true love does not need chains, already is yours. Believe in the person that is right by your side brings maturity, and the women have made and right maturity.
Sometimes, when one loves you want to have it all of the loved person, you expect that this always slope and available to you, you are there even to check with who spoke, with whom is board, and for how long. These are the loves possessives, even controlling every facet of the life of the loved person, until the time you leave the work and the minutes you should bring back home. This love is not normal, is not good, it is not true.

It is said that if you want to someone, it is better leave you free to fly, if it was yours, but it never was.    

Love is the most beautiful that has been given to us, is to be enjoyed, and enjoyed, is to make a full life and safe, is to give all as well as receive it all. Love does not need to hide anything, can be displayed in the light of day. Love takes you to enjoy these moments in which having a bit of space are filled with expressions of "te quiero"s and "i miss". The love as well if you feel well, causes you to feel happy, secure and loved.
In love there is confidence. When the love is true, if for some reason that person is not near you, you're not scared, because you believe it, you have the certainty that when he says "I love you," he says with the heart. Never try to enslave what freely is giving you, because that is what you will lose. Love has wings and flies only, and so he came to your life, you must take care and pamper you, but never allow that love will be suffocating.

Love is not possessive, it is delivered. Don't be a person possessive, all born free, and so must always be. When you put a cage and you want it all for you, you stumbled to ruin the relationship; the cages even though they are not gold they cease to be what they are: cages.
In love there is freedom. Do not be afraid love and at the same time grant freedom, if it is love always return to it, always want to be with you, don't change for anything or anyone. 
You are his love, his priority. - You Deserve love - there is real love, not love of hours or on weekends, there is loves which are forever. They are there.
And that kind of love many times it has come very close, but what we lose by not thinking about things the right way, by trying to retain it when it was something we were handed out freely.
What a lovely feel in the heart when you see an elderly couple taken by the hand and walking together for life! You think that are many decades of years which are together, and no doubt have passed through very dark days of great difficulty in the relationship, but they loved and against that nothing can separate them.

- The love everything you can - Get thrilled with life, believes in love, because if there are men and women who love WITH THE HEART.


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