Wednesday, December 18, 2013


What use is it to have a heart calm in the midst of loneliness', isn't it like that the calm that has a stagnant lake in a valley? 
More also, how great is a heart when in the midst of the difficulties and the problems kept calm and he is dressed in the silence! It is like a torrent which slips serene by the slope of the mountain. 
Some go to places where the most upsetting them is the song of a bird, or the sound that starts the wind to the leaves on the trees.
And they think: I am calm and serene in this place I have already reached the calm and silence is a friend of my heart. 
But when they come to the hustle, their pulses are shaken up and their hearts are altered, and his thoughts collide with violence on their foreheads, and I would ask: 
Where were saved the calm?, What dwelling had prepared for him in their breasts that as soon as they are was?
Know that the one who seeks the inner silence you must find it, in the midst of the noise, the voices and the screaming, and taking it must sit in his heart, when listening to no longer hear outward but inward. 
To search for the calm inside, do not go where everything is calm, but where there is no peace, and are you peace. In this way the you will find the Darla, and the will to the extent that they see that others need you to calm down. 

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