Monday, December 9, 2013

My Loneliness

Don't know why but today talk with my loneliness and we had a very fluid dialog until dawn, not all the days I do so, but today he really needed to talk to someone, someone who knows about my fears and my doubts, someone that i know about and as I think, someone who knows of my deeds and my without flavors and while driving in the direction of house i asked anyone who knows me well, and finish by saying that my loneliness companion of many years knows me.
I arrived at my home, I opened the door, I turned on the light and not the vi ... with some mocking laughter i said "here I am, I never was, always i accompany you" and I knew it was my loneliness ... go, I said, if you know your hide, and how do these? I asked him. And I said well and willing to talk, so who better than i that knows you to clear a few doubts. How is it that you know me so well? I asked him.
Is it possible that some day you can leave me? "I don't know" I replied; "but if i leave you i will not be more and you'll be without loneliness and you might feel worse than today, only now I see you, and each day more only than ever ... but I don't know if some day I'll.
What should I do to get you," but that I am tired of always be alone. Well, I don't know, -replied telling me "you alone who fancies himself the time and you will know that I went, but in today i was commissioned dry your tears and maybe one day the anores, because if you find someone to dry your tears better than i do, only you know your."Turned around and looked at the room, alone and empty, the light of the moon it is strained by the window, and this invites you to write and to listen to yourself. While swivel i realize that the night is ending and the day starts to scratch, the singing of the birds are no longer listen to and the light of the city shuts down, i think and say "my eyes must be swollen of so many tears and my solitude here with me", as always invites me to rest for a while, "there is a lot of work for today and if you have more questions i'll be forever here" - I said, "although at times i forget you know that at the end of the day I will be here to continue drying your tears". Good loneliness is very gratifying to know that you are here, but tired of being alone I find myself I have no more than dream that the day will come and come to dispel and finish with my loneliness.  

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