Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sadness of Christmas ...

Sadness of Christmas ... 
What contradictory, no? 
If Christmas is the time of happiness, of encounter, joy, peace, solidarity, love ... But unfortunately for many people, Christmas is sadness. Because perhaps they are alone in their houses, in a hospital bed, in a nursing home, of guard in a job away from your family, or simply alone without family.
Perhaps for them, the 24 is one more night ... night of sleep early ... staring out the window the happiness of others, night more hustle, night car horns that laugh without cesar ... nights that also have that vacuum in any place of the soul. To all them I say flatly that ¡ ¡ ¡NO! ... That is not as well. 
That we must not allow ourselves to be one more night. 
We must dare to find the Christmas within us, yes. Within our, because that is where this ... Many may say ...
"How?, How? --It is impossible." 
Then I propose the following:
 Let's Get our best clothes, look in the mirror because it is one of the guests this evening ... 
Let us now turn to the most beautiful memories of childhood, but let us look in that drawer forgotten the folder that we weave the grandmother, those figurines of the album with sequin, the comic book that was in there ... 
Then we invite them to the memory of that friend indelible, the photo that we'll get together, the letter that ever wrote to us, such a gift that made us, the outputs to the dances of the 24 after greeting to the family ... Let us also to the memory of the families that are no longer, those with whom we shared those long Christmas tables, that at the time we uncork the bottle very characteristically for us that we fall over the cork and listen to the cry of all ... "It will be the next to marry! "... 
And finally, we should invite the "spirit of Christmas", this desire for peace and love that we all carry within, so that when they reach the 12 strong embrace those memories, let us give a kiss to the absence and Arjona as said "I'm really not only, who told you that te fuiste, if carried to the body, but not with the remembrance? ".
For this reason this Christmas to those who feel the loneliness, i suggest you get rid of memories, and perhaps if you dare ... just maybe ... write about them ... and since today don't forget that i also i will be in his memory with this message and you in my own ... we are already two ... then we are no longer alone.

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