Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our love dies...

Relationships go through stages, a best and other worse, sometimes feel that we move away from our partner and love dies...
And sometimes so: love dies completely, the relationship is destroyed and where before there was love now only have bad memories. But other times, if we have been able to fight for what we joined, love revives and is given another chance.
Love can be left to die, but if cared for and works, can also return with greater firmness and maturity.
Our love dies...
Feel the love dies is experienced, feel that life is going, the paths we chose to live with your partner to begin to move and there is no way to stop them. Wear out us the words of love, the feeling of emptiness is taking over our heart, already we are not identified with what makes your partner and love words, those that you gave before every night, are slowly dying.
While this happens, your face is turning, have no illusions and loneliness seizes you.
That is because everything you do is on the basis of another person, of your partner. Thus we discover that love, although we try to avoid it, certainly produces dependence.
Do and now what?
You must return to regain your life, if you think that your partner is worthwhile you do not gauge to stoke that flame of love that a day has joined them. Love is a hard work, let many things aside that he die not.
But many times one part is that tries to save our relationship and if you are, just very tired and full of doubts if it's worth continuing the fight to keep that love...
Love is always worth: course Yes!
We must try to live in harmony and not lose that smile that one day you fell in love with. It is worthwhile, there will always be stones in the road, no one said that life is perfect, or that love won't make us cry, because that will make us suffer, because being in a couple is not easy, you have to assume many roles that sure that you were not thinking before.
Don't let love die:
It continues forward to getting those eyes back to look at you with love before, get your nights be filled with love and joy, that you can keep dreaming that some relationships are worth, that not everything is so sad or so bad.
Get to our House and see those eyes that look at you with love is priceless, feel that hug when everything is head in your life is special. Then, yes it is worth to go ahead and find where it was left looking, know what he thought each other just by looking it, search inside you, what happened?, do not be afraid to dialogue, looking for that conversation, if there is love there will be no problems, the only thing that could be is that the other party now wants nothing and there will not be much.
The love is a thing of two people...
If despite your efforts, you do not see solution, don't feel bad, trying to recover what was lost you proves to be a very valuable and brave person. There is always the hope of things is fix, that love will be reborn, that your dedication will be rewarded with the return of this fragile love... But if it does not, it's not your fault, it will be something to frasaco failed to appreciate, that it failed to assess, and the worst, left to die that love so nice that you gave him.
If everything failed:
Costs to start over, in fact do not try it, give yourself time to assimilate the things, be only a time is not bad and on the contrary it might help you to find the time needed to channel the loss of love you've had.
Still, you never feel that love is not worthwhile, because it is not so, love will always bring joy to our lives. 


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