Friday, October 4, 2013

ツ A Smile

A smile costs nothing,and instead ... Gives much! It enriches those who receive without impoverishing those who provides it. A smile is something of a moment, and yet almost always lingers in the memory. There is none that is so rich or mighty that can walk without a smile , and no one is so poor that they can also be enriched with a smile. 
Creates and protects good luck in business and is the most prized teaches friendship. It gives rest to the weary , dejected enthusiasm , cheer the sad , and is the best natural antidote against the difficulties there... But the smile is something that can not be bought, begged , nor could you want as a loan , because it is a gift that has no value , but so far that is lavished spontaneously ... There are beings so tired of life, who can no longer give smiles.
 Let's give them one of our own , because no one needs it more than those who don't have smiles to offer.

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On Lluvia

Hair: Vanity Hair - Say My Name - New!!

Jumpsuit: La Penderie de Nicole : My Jumpsuit : New!!

Heels: N-core - VENUS "Black" (Mesh) - New!! 

Tattoo: HIATUS - KEYLOCKED - Exclusive at She & Him - New!!

On Ian:

 Sweater: La Penderie de Jules :Scarf&Leather Sweater: Black - New!!  

Pants: <kal rau> Casual Jeans M3 Blue - New!!

Shoes: 2Real - HOLBROOKZ 

Hair: [taketomi] Setsuna Blondes 

Sunglasses: * S O R G O - STEAM Shades BLACK (Gold) - at The Mens Dept - New!!

Ears piercing: [MANDALA] TAKAYAMA Face & Ear piercing
Face piercing: [MANDALA] OKAKI Face Piercing Set