Saturday, August 10, 2013

- Care for your Partner -

I will say something that will surely upset many, but when it's going to bother explaining more, and sometimes what we care more safe, that insecure.I mean, I always say, "not so much to look after your family, take care of your partner" and people are surprised by it.- "But what I will not take good care of my family?'s My family!" -And no, your family, that your family is safe, your family, never lost.Have you heard someone say"Out there goes my ex son, or my ex-father"?No, do you?But have heard a lot,"There goes my former partner."Parents, children, siblings and family is as safe as it has no ex.They are there, and lasting for years without seeing much time it takes to write or speak, they are always there.You can not say "the lady who goes through there was my mother for 35 years."A mother is always mother is safe.What's more, I'll tell you something else, of all loves, which is to build bridges, bridges of all, love is weaker than the couple there. In a couple nothing. So you have to give everything, to stay with something.Having a partner is like caring for a flower.If a flower is not watered, it dies,and if watered a lot, too.You have to be an artist to take care of a flower.
I do not know care for flowers, so I'm cured. So the love of father, mother and son is like having a "cují coriano" nobody waters them, but it's there.That which we call eternal love given in dad, a mom, a son, and friends, it can also be an everlasting love. But in a couple is a daily love, has to watch every day.
I have a brother in the United States that was over ten years ago and lasted for over ten years without speaking. He never called, and I can say that even by mistake. Always knew him mom, and when she came for the first time since he was gone, I was at the airport, and when we saw the hug was so hard we cried with emotion. There we were.But go to your partner ten years see what you find. That's what I say love is love partner every day. I can talk to my mom every week, once a week, but if I would be calling partner each time. And not that it is good or bad, is that love is.For example, I compare the love of couples who for some reason the destination have a disabled child. Not that I want another, but they are safe. From it have to be more aware, because you can fall, because maybe you do not eat alone.In contrast, the others are and want the same, and know they are there. If I have a couple, that love is disabled. Of that I have to be more aware because it needs more.Mother love is independent, love partner is dependent.She depends on me and I depend on it.We are united"Till death do us part"but the love which we oweis like the love of a disabled child.Whoever has this beautiful flower, you know what to do, water it every day for that is always fresh and radiant and stay there, until God decides to take her away from this world, and those who do not have faith stop God will give us again a flower for our garden.

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On Ian:
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HOKUSAI Bracelet set/BLACK



Poses: .::MORPHINE Store::. - My Reason - Set.1 - NEW!!